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Some Interesting Biodiesel Facts

These biodiesel facts should give you a brief overview of biodiesel.

  1. Biodiesel is made from renewable sources like vegetable oils and animal fats.
  2. The most common process of making biodiesel is called transesterfication.
  3. When making biodiesel you also need :
    • methanol or ethanol.
    • a catalyst like potassium or sodium hydroxide.
  4. Biodiesel is totally biodegradable.
  5. Biodiesel is not toxic.
  6. Biodiesel is not flammable and has a flash point which is higher than that of fossil diesel. This means that it is much safer to store than fossil diesel.
  7. Engine power when using biodiesel is less that that of normal diesel but not substantially so.
  8. The harmful emissions that you would have when running fossil diesel are dramatically reduced when running even a small percentage of biodiesel.
  9. Biodiesel reduces visible smoke from your tailpipe.
  10. Biodiesel is more lubricating than petroleum diesel fuel so it has the potential to increase engine life.
  11. Your car does not need a conversion to run on biodiesel.
  12. Biodiesel can be made safely at home as long as safety standards are maintained.
  13. The world could never produce enough biodiesel to replace fossil diesel. But it can be a part of the solution.
  14. You do not need to change your maintenance schedule when using biodiesel.
  15. Biodiesel can be blended with petroleum diesel in any ratio. The ratio is indicated with a B rating. B20 is 20 percent biodiesel, B80 is 80 percent biodiesel.
  16. In 2008 700 million gallons of biodiesel was produced in the US.
  17. In some countries biodiesel fuel prices are higher than that of normal diesel and in some countries you will have biodiesel blended into your fuel by law.


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