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Biodiesel Fuel Prices

Biodiesel fuel prices are very dependent on the country in which the fuel is sold.

biodiesel fuel priices

In many countries biodiesel is more expensive than petroleum diesel, while in others, it is cheaper. In many cases, the subsidization of the biodiesel industry by local government is necessary in order for the industry to survive.

In the United States biodiesel is subsidized as long as it sold in a blend with petroleum diesel. This is led to the odd situation where a B99 (99% biodiesel, 1% petroleum diesel) blend is sold.

In the United States , the national biodiesel board maintains a list of biodiesel prices throughout the country. It is worthwhile visiting their websites to find this list. The address for the National Biodiesel Board is www.biodiesel.org.

In other countries it is more difficult to find a central repository of biodiesel prices. In South Africa biodiesel is generally priced slightly less than petroleum diesel. In the United Kingdom , this is also the case.

When making homemade biodiesel, there is usually a huge saving in cost. The typical cost of making homemade biodiesel is usually less than half the pump price of petroleum diesel. Please visit the biodiesel costs section , which will enable you to work out the cost of manufacturing biodiesel for yourself.

Biodiesel is a superior fuel to petroleum diesel. Certain people are prepared to pay a premium for biodiesel for this reason. In the United States biodiesel is often more expensive than regular diesel.

Because biodiesel is a relatively new product, many people are reluctant to use it as they have reservations as to its suitability. In many countries this has led to a situation where biodiesel has to be priced less than that of petroleum diesel, in order for it to have a marketing advantage.

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