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Biodiesel Instructions

How is biodiesel made?

These biodiesel instructions describe biodiesel manufacturing using the most common biodiesel process:

  • Source some vegetable oil, virgin or used
  • If the oil is used test with a titration
  • Mix methanol and Potassium/Sodium Hydroxide (the percentage depends on the titration result) this results in Methoxide
  • Heat the oil to 55 deg C
  • Add the Methoxide to the oil and mix well for an adequate period of time
  • Let the mixture stand for an extended period of time
  • The oil will split into biodiesel and glycerol. The glycerol will drop to the bottom
  • Separate the glycerol and the biodiesel
  • Purify the biodiesel by washing. This is commonly done with water, dry wash chemicals can also be used
  • Dry the biodiesel
  • Pump the biodiesel into your vehicle

Being a biodegradable product biodiesel has a limited shelf life. This can be less than three months. Anti Oxidants may be added to the biodiesel to extend it's shelf life. This is more of a consideration in commercial biodiesel manufacturing.

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