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A biodiesel kit will allow you to construct your own biodiesel system easily and with very little stress.

A good biodiesel kit will contain all the essential fittings, pipes, pumps and valves required to construct a biodiesel system. It should also include detailed instructions on how to assemble all these parts and components. The kit must also include operating instructions for when the plant has been assembled.

biodiesel-kitBuying biodiesel fuel kits can save you hundreds of hours of research and work. It can also avoid costly and perhaps dangerous mistakes which can happen when working with the chemicals that biodiesel is made from.

There are a number of suppliers of good biodiesel kits. Most of the kits allow you to build an "Appleseed Style" processor. An appleseed  processor is constructed out of a water heater or geyser.


Hot water heaters or geysers vary from country to country. For this reason, a kit that you buy in the United States may not work properly in the United Kingdom. It is best to buy a kit that suits a hot water heater that is available in your country.

There are also kits available, which allow a biodiesel processor or wash tank to be built out of a 44 gallon drum. These kits can be used in just about any country as a 44 gallon drum is a standard item throughout the world.

biodiesel kit 2A certain amount of practical ability is required to assemble a biodiesel processor from a kit. If you are comfortable assembling pipes and fittings with PTFE tape then a kit is for you.

You will also need a certain amount of mechanical ability to construct a frame to support your biodiesel processor.

Always make sure, no matter what the kit's instructions say, that your biodiesel processor is properly and safely supported. Please visit our biodiesel safety section for important information that you need to know when running or building a biodiesel processor.

Here are some good web sites that stock biodiesel fuel kits:



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