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One of the benefits of biodiesel - Biodiesel Lubricity means less wear on your engine

Biodiesel LubricityLubricity is an indication of how well a liquid lubricates parts that wear against each other. High lubricity is vital for the proper operation of fuel injectors and fuel pumps which rely on this property to stop wear and tear. Biodiesel has high lubricity.

The parts in the fuel injection system are not lubricated by the oil in the engine but are lubricated by the fuel itself.

One of the more serious side effects of removing sulphur from diesel is reduced lubricity, so the ultra low sulphur diesels have expensive additives added to increase it. In some countries the lubricity level of diesel fuel is at the minimum allowed by standards - this is not good for your vehicle.

It is obvious that the higher the lubricity value the longer your fuel injection system will last.

Studies by Lucas and Stanadyne (both major fuel injection manufacturers) have shown that a 1% blend of biodiesel significantly increases lubricity and reduces wear. Stanadyne recommends a 2% blend for use with their equipment especially with the introduction of ultra low sulphur diesels.

This is one of the most significant factors when deciding to use biofuels - biodiesel's lubricity means your fuel injection system is not going to wear as fast, it will last longer and this will save you money and reduce running costs.

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