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Biodiesel Power Losses are not that significant

When an engine uses biodiesel, power is lower. This is due to chemical differences between biodiesel and fossil diesel

This loss in power can be anywhere from 1-10 percent and is is dependent on the biodiesel feedstock. As an example animal fats have more energy than vegetable oils and it follows that fuel made from fat has more energy than fuel from veg oil.

Power Graph Biodiesel vs Diesel

Graph showing biodiesel power loss

A result of this is that when using biodiesel, fuel consumption will probably go up. I have found though that the increase is very dependant on how you drive ( use about 5% more fuel).

So, if you are plowing a field with a tractor and the engine runs at full load then lower biodiesel performance means you will use more fuel. If you are driving normally in a passenger vehicle then although you may notice a difference in power your fuel consumption should be similar.

Fact : Did you know that from day to day your vehicles power can change by up to ten percent? The amount of water in the air, the temperature and air pressure all affect your engines performance.


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