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Biodiesel Questions



If you have questions post them here...

Let us try help you with your biodiesel related questions.

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Is it legal? 
I would like to know if you might have any legal problems by fueling your car by homemade biodisel?


resident of a hobbyist who is doing this 
Can biodiesel be made with old restaurant cooking oil in your home without ventilation? If so what does the process smell like? What are the hazards …

What blending ratio can i use on toyota hilux 5L engine 
Can some one help me i have this problem with this type of vehicle Toyota Hilux 5L engine am using B100 on this vehicle.Hence am having problems like loosing …

Bio diesel analyst /plant operator 
Can some one help me i have this problem with this type of vehicle Toyota Hilux 5L engine am using B100 on this vehicle.Hence am having problems like loosing …

How to Clean Biodiesel Spill 
What can I use to clean biodiesel residue from around the fill port on my car?

biodiesel beginner 
Hi I like to know if the caustic soda used to make the bio diesel would hurt the vehicle. Henry

bio fuel on bikes 
HI My name is tharik and i like to know that can we use biofuels in bike's that runs on petrol, if yes how can we prepare and how can we transfer to the …

Problem running Toyota 2.4D on Biodiesel 
Why is it that my Bio diesel works good in certain vehicles like big 4x4 Toyota land cruiser,Nissan ,but the only vehicle am having problems are the Toyota …

Using raw unrefined sunflower seed virgin oil  
we are using virgin sunflower oil that was extracted with the use of a Komet oil expeller for some reason it is titrating very high,and the glycerin …

use of alternate engine oil in petroled vehicles 
Can I use mustard oil as engine oil in my bike?

Is Biodiesel in Nissan Micra OK? 
Can i put good quality biodiesel in my 2011 Nissan Micra DCI without blending it?

Canola Biodiesel 
What is the exact amounts of oil,methanol and KOH for making canola biodiesel. Please express the amounts in mass. Thank you in advance.

Lubricating quality of Biodiesel 
Can the oil/Lubricating quality of used vegetable oil be too low? in other words damage the engine. Can you test the oil content of the used vegetable …

about using biodiesel in water well drilling machines 
Can I use B100 in water well drilling machines using conventional diesel? Regards,Jasna

used cooking oil test kit  
where can i buy the free fatty acid test kit speciffically the strips in south africa

Biodiesel from VIrgin Palm Oil 
Can I make Biodiesel from virgin Palm oil ?, anf if so, what would be the quality of the final product. Thanks Kurt

Making biodiesel and water 
Why is it important that the triglyceride oil is free of water when making biodiesel?

Is range affected when using biodiesel? 
how far can a car run on biodiesel?

Biodiesel in Home Heating System 
Can you use bio diesel in your home heating system

how is biodiesel on long drives  
How is it on long drives

Catatyst for Biodiesel 
When making Biodiesel which catatyst NaOH or KOH is best used for making soap both liquid and bar from the glycerin,and can you just add the glycerin …

biodiesel smell 
Will your car exhaust smell like the rear of a fast food outlet if you use used cooking oil, If you use new cooking oil would the smell be as bad ?

Bio diesel in petrol engine 
Can I use bio diesel in Petrol engine e.g. motor bike or petrol car ?

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Copper in a biodiesel system 
Hello, I notice you advise the use of steel or stainless steel for the processor piping-why is this & can I use copper? Thanks-Richard

Biodiesel in Landrover Discovery 
The landrover discovery TDI5 can it run on biodiesel

Biodiesel Reaction Time 
Hi I just want to know in biodiesel reaction can we leave circulation more than one hour or it is no need and if we do that what happen thank you

direct use of biodiesel in cars 
can biodiesel be used directly in cars that use normal diesel or it has to be used in specific cars that have biodiesel engines?

nissan taxi engine  
hi i have alondon black cab 2.7 nissan engine and i was looking for some advise on the pros and the cons of using the bio fuel thanks michael 07909339691 …

algae Not rated yet
is biofuel, made from algae, carbon-neutral? What does that mean?

Cherry bio Not rated yet
I am into Bio diesel production,however i would like some to help me sort out the problems am facing in the final product . 1.Total glycerol -1.65 2.Acid …

questions about biofuel station Not rated yet
what is the cost for setting up a biofuel station? what is the yearly income of biofuel station? what is the profit margin for biofuels? how much profit …

Bio Fuel Not rated yet
What other products can we used instead on cooking oil as raw material ? Than what is the composition and how much finish Bio Fuel we can get ? Waiting …

Control of ph Not rated yet
Good day, Am currently making some bio diesel as a school project. My bio-diesel had a pH level of 8.6 before the washing process. But after I washed …

Wollie Not rated yet
I there I have a Mitsubishi Pajero GLX 3.2 DiD - 2009 Will I be able to use B100 with this, without any conversion? I also want to buy my wife a …

High Voltage to seperate glycerin Not rated yet
how can i use high voltage to separate glycerin from biodiesel

about viscosity Not rated yet
How to reduce viscosity from crude biodiesel?

Subsidies Not rated yet
Why does the government only give subsidies to biodiesels if they are mixed? why would they not want to support B100?

10% 'simple' formula Not rated yet
If I used the simplified formula on (filtered) used cooking oil, would the resulting (unknown quality?) biodiesel be safe to use in (say) a 10% mix with …

which properties of chicken fat biodiesel are checked Not rated yet
i am student of M.E.Automobile i am making chicken fat biodiesel by esterification so i want to know that which basic properties of chicken fat biodiesel …

how to make bio diesel in home  Not rated yet
respected sir or madam, i have read many notes on biodiesel.i want to know that how i can use my mustard oil in my car and bike. i have to use some chemical …

1988 Ford Motorhome on Biodiesel Not rated yet
I'm a 70 year old disabled person and just got myself a ford motor home year 1988. It as a 2500cc engine and onlu done 33000 miles. Could some one tell …

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