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Biodiesel Titration Form

Use this biodiesel titration form for calculating the amount of catalyst you will need for making biodiesel from used vegetable oil.


Date ____________

Where did the Oil Come From?

1) ___________________

2) ___________________

3) ___________________


Catalyst used (KOH or NaOH)    _______

Base Amount (5g for NaOH, 7g for KOH)    ________   [call this a]

Purity of catalyst    ___% /100 = ______ [call this b] ( eg . 90% pure KOH would be 90/100=0.9)

Divide the Base Amount [a] by the Purity [b]    ______ / ______ = _______ [call this c]. This is now our Adjusted Base Amount.

Titrate three samples of oil and fill in the details below. If any of the results is more than 5% different from the others then throw the sample away and do another one.

Titration 1      ____________    [call this d]

Titration 2      ____________    [call this e]

Titration 3      ____________    [call this f]

Average   [d]+[e]+[f] = _________ [call this g]


Total catalyst needed per liter of oil is ______ [c] + ______ [g]    = ________ [call this h]

Total Litres of oil to be processed = __________ [call this i ]

Total catalyst needed is               [h] x          [ i ] = _________ kg



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