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The Effects Of Biodiesel - Good and Bad

On this page we will cover some of the the good and bad effects of biodiesel. A lot of web sites are devoted to telling you how good biodiesel is. However, there are some disadvantages of biodiesel. Issues that you need to be aware of before you go ahead and use it for the first time.

Once you have familiarised yourself with these effects you should have a good idea of the advantages of biodiesel vs the disadvantages of biodiesel.

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Engine Power

Engine power is reduced when you use biodiesel . This is discussed in more detail in biodiesel power losses. Actually power loss has never bothered me, sure there is a difference but I think it is hardly a problem. There are other more serious issues to worry about than power loss.


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One of the biggest environmental advantages of biodiesel is that pollutants and emissions are reduced. This is true even when burning a small percentage of biodiesel blended into regular diesel. We discuss this in more detail in biodiesel emissions where emissions are discussed in more detail.

Of course it is a good thing to help the planet in anyway possible and burning biodiesel certainly helps. If biodiesel is being made from a waste oil stream (as most home made biodiesel usually is) then the fuel vs fuel debate does not apply.

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Solvent Qualities

One of the characteristics of biodiesel is that it is a very good solvent. One of the alternate uses of biodiesel is as a paint stripper! Now imagine you put this great paint stripper into your car, what will happen? Well it can lead to to two well known problems which are discussed in biodiesel cars.

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Cold Weather Issues

One of the biggest avoidable effects of biodiesel are Cold Weather Problems. Most people who live in cold climates manage just fine running biodiesel during winter. They do take certain precautions which allow trouble free operation.

Reduced wear and tear

In an effort to reduce pollution in the environment the world has moved away from high sulphur diesels. In the process of removing the sulphur from the fuel some of the components that give the fuel its lubricity are removed as well. Biodiesel Lubricity is much higher than that of fossil diesel.



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