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To do a biodiesel titration you need a stock solution. This is how to make one up.

Once you have decided which catatyst to use in your process you need to make up a stock solution with it. Bear in mind the following when you make your choice.

  •   NaOH is cheaper to use.
  •   NaOH will result in a solid glycerin layer at room temperature (this can be a problem if your biodiesel cools in your processor).
  •   KOH dissolves much easier in methanol
  •   KOH results in a liquid glycerin
  •   NaOH is sodium based, the resulting glycerin cannot be composted and put in your garden.
  •   KOH is Potassium based (one of the three major fertilizer groups) and can be composted and put in your garden.

I recommend KOH, it is just so much easier.

Biodiesel Catalyst on Scale

To prepare our test solution we will need the following.

  • 1 gram of the catalyst we will be using - NaOH or KOH. This will need to be measured very accurately. If our measurement is out by 0.1g it will result in our using 10% extra or less chemicals in the processor. This will cause a problem. You will need a scale accurate to 0.01 of a gram. Do not try and measure if your scale is not accurate enough, rather beg, borrow or steal one.
  • 1 liter of distilled water. This must also be measured accurately. Use a 1 liter measuring cylinder for this or weigh out 1kg of water on a scale that is accurate to at least 1g.

Pour the 1 liter of distilled water into an airtight container, add the 1g of catalyst into the water and shake/stir it until it is dissolved. Always keep the lid closed on the container to prevent evaporation.

Your biodiesel titration test solution is now ready for use and should last you a long time. Make up a new test solution whenever you buy a new supply of catalyst.


Some people use a scale that is accurate to 0.1g . The way they do this is to weigh 10g of catalyst and put it into 100ml of water this makes a concentrate. Then take 10ml of the concentrate and add it to 990ml of water. This should accuratley give the 1g of catalyst in 1 litre of water.

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